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How to Buy Acne Cream?

Acne can be a very serious condition, one that can be devastating to your self confidence and self esteem. Millions of people around the world are presently suffering from an acne condition, and the worst part is that most of these people are not aware of what is causing their acne and what they can do to get rid of it. Although there are some cases of acne that are unable to be treated fully, most of the time you can get rid of your acne by following a few simple steps.

Studying Your Skin

The first thing you should do is find a good acne cream. There are many acne creams today that produce incredible results. To find the right one, you first need to figure out what skin type you have. There is an easy way to do this, and all you need to do is wash your face normally and then pat dry. Next you take a small piece of toilet paper or paper towel and place it on your forehead. If it sticks you have oily skin, if it falls right off you have dry skin, and if it stays on for a minute but then falls off you have normal to combination skin.

You also need to take the sensitivity of your skin into consideration. If you have very sensitive skin then there are going to be a lot of acne cream products that you should stay away from, because they may cause an allergic reaction on your skin. Of course the severity of your condition will also be used to judge which acne cream you should get. This is important because certain products may end up making your acne painful and even worse.

Top Picks

There are a few acne creams in particular that are generally good for all skin types and which you should therefore consider for your own acne problem. The Clinique Acne Solutions Emergency Gel Lotion is one, and it is a benzoyl peroxide based product that helps to clear even the most stubborn and recurring blemishes. There is also the Biore Blemish Double Agent Treatment which is a special gel formula that helps to clear up acne by forming a clear and breathable barrier around the pimples on the skin. It is considered as being one of the most effective acne treatments on the market today, and one that comes highly recommended by dermatologists.

Acne Tips & Tricks, Skin Care

Organic Skin Care – The Choice To Go Natural

Deciding to use natural non-chemical cosmetics on your skin should really not be a hard decision.  However, it often is hard because of a lack of knowledge in what products provide a natural skincare solution. Many do and many more do not. Your skin is worth the little effort it takes to read this article and get your research done. Organic skincare can help improve your skin condition and it can be very cost effective. Read this article to learn more about it.

Organic Skin Care

Everyone wants to look younger for years to come. For that, we do lots of things like exercise, have proper diet and use skincare products. However, organic skin care products are preferred over other skin care products. The reason is quite simple as when we use the word ‘organic’ with any product then it means that it does not comprise any chemical.

It has been kept free from all the chemicals during the growth or cultivation. Most of people these days strongly believe that organic skin care products are not as harmful as other products containing chemicals and they are also considered healthier. Considering this reason one may be forced to think that when we know that chemicals are harmful, then why we are not producing or using only organic products.

The reason is that this industry provides with the aid to control large- scale cultivation. On the other side, in organic production, it is not possible or at least easy to hold it on a large scale; it can be efficiently managed at smaller scale level. Very precisely, it means that organic skin care products are made from organic ingredients like vegetables or fruits etc.

One may be curious to know how chemical or organic skin care products are relevant to your skin care. Besides this, you may want to know some technique so that you are able to make a difference between a numbers of organic products in the market that is flooded with cosmetics. You must have looked at the labels of these skin care products and names of various names of ingredients used in the product are even very tough to pronounce. It happens because there are certain organic ingredients included in the product other than some chemical ingredients.

If you find ‘in addition to’ written on the product, then it is clear that the product is not cent percent organic. It is very similar to juices that do not mention ‘100% fruit juice’ on them. Then the question arises – how one should read the labels on the products. So, while reading from top to bottom, percentage of concentrations keeps on decreasing. Be sure that all the ingredients from beginning to end are making sense to you.

Still if you are not able to understand, then it is good to do some basic research online. In the last, one thing is definite that organic skin care products are beneficial to the skin. Including this, these products have least side effects. You will get variety of products with varying functions. You can have organic products for all your skin care requirements like exfoliation, cleansing, nourishing, hydrating, conditioning and moisturizing. Once you begin to use these organic skin care products, you will notice the difference on your own. Do we need to say anything more than this?

Acne Tips & Tricks, Skin Care

Acne and Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

Although many people seem to think that only people with oily skin end up dealing with acne. However, many people with dry skin deal with acne problems too. In fact, sometimes acne can be worse for those with the combination of dry skin and acne. So, you may be wondering how you should take care of your skin if you are trying to care for skin that is dry while having acne. Well, here are some top tips that will help you provide your dry skin with the best possible skin care while still treating your acne problem successfully.

Tip #1 – Try a New Type of Cleanser – First of all, if you have dry skin, you may need to try a new type of cleanser. If you’re using a cleanser that is designed for someone who has skin that is oily, you are probably not getting the best results. Consider going with a cleanser that is very mild, such as some type of foaming cleanser. Avoiding harsh soaps on your skin is especially important. With a new cleanser that is not as drying, it should improve your dry skin while still combating the acne problem.

Tip #2 – Use Plenty of Moisturizer – If you have dry skin as well as acne, it’s important to use plenty of moisturizer. Many people who have this combination are afraid to use moisturizers for fear that they will aggravate the acne problem. Well, it’s all about picking out the right moisturizer. Go with a lotion or a gel, not something that is greasy. You’ll want to make sure that the moisturizer you choose is also noncomedogenic as well, so it won’t clog up your pores. Using a good moisturizer will help you to avoid peeling or flaking, which can lead to clogged pores and more breakouts.

Tip #3 – Ensure You’re Getting Enough to Drink – Yes, getting enough to drink is important if you are trying to work on skin care for acne and dry skin. For acne, plenty of water helps to keep the body flushed out, making sure that toxins leave the body and don’t clog up pores. Also, water keeps the skin hydrated the way that it should be, helping to keep it from getting so dry. So, ensure you are getting at least your eight glasses of water each day, and more if you can.

Tip #4 – Cut Back on Acne Medications – Sometimes you may need to cut back a bit on the acne medications that you are using, especially if they are very drying to your skin. The more you dry the skin, the more problems you may have with acne. It may be a great idea to cut back a bit on those medications. Instead of using them each day, try using them every other day to combat acne without drying skin out more.

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Homemade Natural Skin Care

Remember your skin is different, so what works for some might not work for others. You need to take into account how you react to natural skin care products. Just because they are natural doesn’t mean that they will work. Try them out and give them a chance. You might find one that really does the job!

We all wish to have radiant as well as vibrant skin. It is possible without spending lots of money on expensive toners, moisturizers and other skincare products with homemade natural skin care. You can have a great skin straight from your home using fruits. You have lots of fruits like lemon, papaya, avocado, grape, pineapple and citrus fruits are just few to name who possess natural skin care properties.

To begin the topic of homemade natural skin care, it is very important to know beforehand that these homemade skin care formulas do not have any side effects. Let’s begin with lemon rind. It when mixed with powdered milk and almond meal makes a great as well as inexpensive facial scrub. To use it you just require one part each of lemon rind and powdered milk, and two parts of almond meal along with half a part of lemon juice to achieve that extra clean skin.

If your skin does not have luster, then you can bring it with the help of papaya. Take one cup of mashed fresh, ripe papaya and apply it on your skin. Leave it in that way for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. You will get vibrant and fresh skin.

If you are combating with dry skin, then even you can have benefit from homemade natural skin care recipes. Not only for dry but also for scaly skin, you need ripe avocado. Have half a cup of mashed avocado, and slather gently on the dry areas and wash it of after keeping it on dry skin for 15 minutes. Thus, your dry and scaly skin is moisturized.

For scaly skin, you can also use ripe bananas. Mash two of them and simply apply on the problem area. Let it on the skin for 10 minutes before you rinse it off.

For oily skin, you better use citrus fruit as they can do wonders on your oily skin. Include few drops of citrus juice in your bathe water. The bacteria in your skin get killed with acids in the citrus fruits. It also dries up the excess oil of the skin. Other than drying up excess oil, citrus fruit also works to lighten the dark spots on the skin. Simply rub lemon juice on the dark spots. However, make sure that you end up the process only after applying some lotion on that part as citrus fruits may dry up the skin. It will reduce the drying effect of the lemon juice.

You can use red grapes to give your skin an anti-oxidant lift. Wash your face and then massage it with mashed red grapes. Let the grapes do their work for about 10 minutes and the use cool water to clean it off. These are just few homemade natural skin care recipes, you can know numerous of them on the web. The foremost thing is that you can use homemade natural skin care without having fear of suffering from any side effects.

Acne Tips & Tricks

Is the Acne Light Treatment the Ultimate Weapon?

Acne is a problem that plagues millions of people across the globe and each one of these people would give an arm and leg to get rid of it. There are so many remedies floated around – some work, most of them do not. This makes acne one of the most stubborn yet common afflictions known to humankind.

What Is Acne?

Acne is basically an accumulation of oil and dirt that clogs the pores of the skin usually on the face, though you would also find them on the back and torso. Some of this acne get infected and form pustules full of pus which are not only very painful but also quite unsightly. There is a particular kind of bacteria that causes this infection and this is known as propionibacterium acnes or P acnes as it is more commonly known. When this happens, the skin becomes spotted with marks that take a long time to remove, if at all.

The remedies for acne are two pronged – (1) it fights the clogging of the pores by cleaning the pores of dirt and sebum, and (2) removes the bacteria that could cause infection.

What Is Acne Light Treatment?

The acne light treatment is aimed to fight the bacterial infection caused by the P acnes and by doing so prevents the formation of the unsightly spots on the face. The popularity of the acne light treatment is growing fast owing to the fact that most of the topical remedies tend to damage the skin while attempting to remove the spots. The fact that the FDA has approved it also adds to the overall attraction for this treatment.

Before the acne light treatment was approved by the FDA, many had doubts about the safety of the procedure because it uses UV (ultra violet) light to eliminate the bacteria on the skin. In fact, there had been long debates on whether or not this treatment be accepted as an alternative procedure for removing acne. Fortunately, it got the approval of the FDA in 2002 and until now millions have benefited from it.

The acne light treatment is also known as the Acne Photo Clearing TM or APCTM technology. This procedure involves one session of fifteen minutes exposure to the UV light per week for four consecutive weeks. This would result in the reduction of more than 60 to 80 per cent of the patients, which can be taken as excellent results by any standard. As a bonus, the acne light treatment also repairs the skin which was inflamed by the infected acne.

It looks that this procedure is a wish come true for the millions out there who are fighting with this terrible esthetics-related plague.

Acne Tips & Tricks

An Apple a Day Can Keep The Acne Away

Does apple contain only health benefits? An apple a day can keep the acne away as well as keep the doctor away. However apple for the skin makes your skin glowing like a bulb. Apple face packs are new to all and but apple contains the most of the vitamins like A, B and C. These vitamins help the skin as a toner, cleanser and a moisturizer. Let’s check out some apple face packs and masks for the skin.

Apples Can Prevent Acne

  • Apple Puree face pack – Take 1 fresh apple and peel off the skin. Cut the apple into small chunks. Take the apple pieces in a bowl and add some water and boil. You need to boil all the apple pieces till they melt and become a smooth paste. Apply this apple puree on the face and wash it off after 10 – 15 minutes and get the glowing skin. The water can be substituted with raw milk to make the puree. This works as skin moisturizer.
  • Apple & Wheat flour face pack – Take 2 tablespoon of apple puree and add 1 tablespoon wheat flour and make thick smooth paste. Apply this paste on the face and wait for 10-15 minutes or till it dries. Now wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Apple & Oatmeal face scrub – Take 1 an apple,1 tablespoon of cornmeal,1 tablespoon of honey,1 tablespoon of oatmeal in a blender and make a thick smooth paste. If the consistency is too thick, add a few drops of honey to it. Now use this paste as a scrub for the face. Apple and oatmeal face scrub exfoliates the dead skin cells from the skin making the skin glow.
  • Apple & Curd face pack – Take 1 fresh apple and peel off the skin. Cut the apple into small pieces and make a smooth paste by blending it. Now add 1 cup curd and 2 tablespoon of honey to the apple paste and mix all the ingredients together. Apply this face pack on the face. Wash it off after 10 minutes with lukewarm water.
  • Apple & Lemon face pack – Take 1 cup peeled apple pieces and boil them in water. When the pieces are cooked add 1 tablespoon lemon juice and various herbs like coriander, sage, peppermint(which are available in local market). Make a paste out of it and apply this paste on the face. Wash off with warm water when the pack gets dried. Apple has the beauty benefits in addition to its health benefits.

Make sure you try these apple face packs and apple face scrubs for a glowing bright skin.

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Meladerm Reviews – Why Is It The Preferred Skin Lighter?

There has been a lot of discourse recently regarding the harsh bleaching agent found in most skin lightening used used for getting rid of dark spots, discoloration and other skin blemishes. That is why there have been a lot of Meladerm reviews in the beauty press because this is one of the few products that do not contain harmful ingredients. But first let us talk about how and why those other companies and products are not putting the health of their consumers as their number one priority.

Harmful Ingredients Found In Most Skin Lightening Products

The first ingredient, which has raised some alarm is hydroquinone (HQ). In Kenya, skin lightening is popular and the Kenya Bureau of Standards was forced to issue a warning to its citizens not to use these products. Brands containing hydroquinone were more than 70.

The situation nearer home in the USA is even more disheartening. The FDA issued a warning saying that products with hydroquinone were putting consumers at risk. They estimated that there were over 200 skin lightening products with the dreaded ingredient and that there were no less than 65 companies who were involved.

What Are The Health Risks?

The fact that the FDA had to issue a warning means that this is pretty serious but of course there is no definitive link with certain diseases. It is stipulated that the maximum amount of hydroquinone a skin care product should is 2%. Any product that contains more than that will need a medical prescription. But research suggests that hydroquinone is linked to a certain extent to the following conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Darker and thicker (ochronosis)
  • Discolored skin with yellow and greyish tints
  • Adrenal glands problemsalarming high levels of mercury

It is no surprise to learn that HQ is banned in the UK, EU, Australia and Japan. In Ireland, one product containing HQ was recalled because it was found to be toxic and a possible skin carcinogen. It seems that the rest of the world has some catching up to do.

What Is Wrong With Mercury?

Lots of skin whitening products contain mercury and you will no doubt remember the panic some years ago as people paid large sums of money to have mercury fillings taken out and replaced.

We absorb a certain amount of mercury when we eat fish for example, but once certain levels are exceeded, dangers to health have been noticed. The main ones are:

Neurological disturbances in new born babies who have been exposed to mercury

It is estimated that 630,000 infants are affected every year

  • Vision problems
  • Co-ordination challenges
  • Speech and hearing impairment
  • Mood swings
  • Muscle weakness

It is a relief to know that mercury was banned from skin lightening preparations in the USA in 1990, although they were about fifteen years behind the European Union on this one. It is alarming though to know that many countries have not yet banned it and it tends to be in many skin bleaching products in such countries.

What Makes Meladerm Different?

Meladerm Cream is different from most of the other skin whitening creams on the market because it is safe and effective. It does not contain any harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients. On the contrary it contains natural organic ingredients that are proven to gently but surely lighten your skin and remove age spots, pigmentation and acne scars.

Here are some of the remarkable ingredients in Meladerm cream:

Kojic acid – This is a by-product of Sake (rice wine) and is well known to the Japanese. Research shows that this acid is both safe and effective in reducing melanin so that the skin gets progressively lighter and brighter. Buying Kojic acid in its pure form or using it in excessive quantities is not usually a good idea as it can be a skin irritant. That is why you need to trust a reputable company who have researched for years the exact amount necessary to get even and progressive results.

Arbutin – This is sometimes called bearberry or duckweed extract and you may see it listed as such on some cosmetic products. This is probably one of the best and safest natural alternatives to HQ on the market today. It does not kill any of the melanin producing cells, which means it simply acts to stop more melanin being produced by acting on the tyrosenase.

Why Leave Your Skincare To Chance?

Isn’t it time you let your skincare to the expert who are researching, testing and trialling safer and more effective ingredients in the lab every day? There is no point and there is a considerable risk in leaving all this to chance. You deserve better and that is why Meladerm is a much safer and more effective choice all round.